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Therapist blend

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Ready to use massage oil carefully prepared and blended for the professional therapist,or the home user it is of fine texture, is easily absorbed, and helps to leave the skin soft and satiny smooth.

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Therapist blend

Our Blended Massage Oil has been designed for the professional Therapist, or the home user who is particular about the oils they use.
The care-full blend of oils is created exclusively from plant oils, rich in vitamins and unsaturated acids it is non greasy and odourless, it is designed to provide gentle friction and excellent glide for the duration of the massage, the oils used in this blend are noted for there antioxidant and moisturizing qualities, providing smooth and nourished skin.
Purefx Blended Massage Oil also contains Vitamin E to ensure freshness and longevity.

Grapeseed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Safflower Oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E.

All oils regardless of brand, can be combustible. Use caution when laundering linens that have been exposed to oils. Oils are potentially combustible when exposed to heat in a dryer. Consult dryer manufacturer’s guidelines for drying linens that have been exposed to oils and gels.