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Rich Blue

Rich Blue
Electric Oil Vaporizer Safe - Clean - Efficient
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Rich Blue

Electric Oil Vaporizer

The Aromatherapy Electric Vaporizer vaporizes essential oils much more subtly than candle burners and without affecting their aromatic properties.

Avoids the use of hot oily water.
Safe to handle when in use.
Remains cool to the touch and will not overheat.

Clean and convenient.
Easy to maintain and use.
Eliminates the volatile naked flame and messy candle wax.

Costs less than 2 cents a day.
Vaporizer temperature remains constant when left on.
Self-regulating low temperature produces subtle, effective vaporization.

How To Use
The Aromatherpy Electric Vaporizer Simply plugs in to a standard electrical outlet and allow 15 minutes to reach full operating temperature Add 8-10 drops of your favourite essential oil or blend to the recessed bowl and enjoy. Use only pure essential oils. Essential oils diluted with base/carrier oils will not vaporize. Take care not to overfill the vaporizer. Use only recommended quantities Spilled oils may damage some sufaces

Size H 65mm W120mm