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Calamine Powder

Calamine Powder
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Calamine powder is the main ingredient in Calamine Lotion.

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Calamine Powder

Calamine is used in the formulation of body and hand products, masks and other skin care products.
Calamine powder is one of the main constituents of the traditional calamine lotion that is used extensively to relieve redness, stinging and irritation of the skin.
Calamine powder has also traditionally been used in face powders, dusting powders and toothpastes. It is one of the most absorbent and soothing bases.
Calamine powder is mainly zinc oxide, and a small amount of ferric oxide to produce a pretty, light pink powder. it has a calming effect on the skin and also possesses toning ability.
This powder is one of the most absorbing and soothing clays as well. It is traditionally used as an antiseptic. Calamine powder is mainly used to tackle skin redness, skin itching and other skin irritations. The presence of iron (in the form of ferric oxide) in Calamine powder (when used as a face mask) increases the circulation of the facial skin. It also soothes irritated, acne prone and sensitive skin.

Can be mixed with
Rose / Lavender water to create a soothing face mask.
Glycerin / water
Added to Soaps etc Lotions and Balms / Creams