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Menzone Massage Balm

Menzone Massage Balm
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Menzone is a more masculine blend of massage oils, healing and restoring essential oils.

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Menzone Massage Balm

Menzone Massage and Body Balm is a perfect blend for a Gentleman's massage.

Menzone is a Masculine Earthly blend of oils that are perfect for the Massage that requires a Balm that is acceptable for that hard working person, it will facilitate the  ultimate unwinding experience for the hardworking soul!



All of our Aurora NZ Massage Balms are designed to facilitate smooth movement over the skin without the uncontrollable slipperiness found in many oils.
The increased control and superior grip allows for the precise tissue manipulation that is required in general massage therapy and deep tissue body work.

Some benefits of using Aurora Massage Balm/Wax include:

-The elimination of spillage as frequently happens with oils.
-Easier to manage than oils
-Provides a silky smooth flow with fewer applications resulting in a more cost effective massage
-Improves skin texture.

Menzone Contains.
NZ Beeswax, Grapeseed Oil, Coconut Oil.

Arnica - (Renowned for its use in aiding the rapid recovery from bruising, inflammation, haemorrhage's and muscle strain or fatigue).



Cypress essential oil has a clean, spicy and masculine fragrance that lifts the spirits and stimulates happiness and energy, it helps relieve muscle and joint pain and is a natural deoderant.



Cedarwood essential oil is excellent for stress, anxiety and tension. It has a steadying effect and is great for helping you collect your scattered thoughts.


Bay Leaf:

 Bay leaf essential oil  works as a skin toner helps in relieving muscle and joint pain and neuralgia. It may also be used  to induce a feeling of relaxation.



 Oakmoss essential oil diminishes the effect of damage done by aging and other daily wear and tear taking place in the body by speeding up healing and restoring a healthy state. Therefore, it restores complete health, as well as the immune system.



Lime essential oil is stimulating and refreshing, it can relieve feelings of stress, exhaustion, and anxiety, it will also calm the mind.



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