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Seagrass Green 2inone

Seagrass Green 2inone
2inOne Electric Vaporizer essential oil & wax melt Safe - Clean - Efficient - Reliable - Water Free
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Seagrass Green 2inone

Seagrass Green Coral Vaporizer

2inOne Electric Vaporizer
essential oil & wax melt

Pamper your senses and create an aromatic atmosphere to enhance your wellbeing with your favourite Aromatherapy Essential Oils or Wax Melts, using the uniquely designed 2inOne Electric Vaporizer.

Safety and peace of mind are the dominant features of the 2inOne electric vaporizer, by eliminating the potentially dangerous naked flame and oily hot water the 2inOne provides a Safe, Clean and more efficient way to enjoy the wonderful world of aromatics.

The 2inOne can be utilised on any surface as only the recessed area of the vaporizer emits heat, while the body remains cool to the touch at all times even when in use and electrical power is turned on.

The Vaporizer is also designed to operate safely when unattended for prolonged periods with or with our essential oils, making it ideal for any location or environment.

Size: 9hx12w cm Weight: 0.650 gms