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Balsam (Peru)

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Peru Balsam (Myroxylon pereirae) has a sweet, fresh, earthy, balsamic, vanilla-like aroma. Peru Balsam has been used for centuries for a multitude of skin disorders, rheumatism, respiratory problems and as an antiseptic and fungicide.

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Balsam (Peru)

Peru Balsam (Myroxylon pereirae)  has been used for centuries for a multitude of skin disorders, rheumatism, respiratory conditions, and as an antiseptic and fungicide.  Peru Balsam has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and fungicidal properties. It can be beneficial for chapped skin, eczema, rashes, sensitive skin, itching, sores and minor wounds. Its anti-inflammatory properties are also beneficial for treating rheumatic aches and pains.

 Balsam of Peru oil, may be incorporated into ointments and creams as it may be effective in treating diaper rash, dry skin, chapped skin, eczema, and other skin irritations. Balsam can also be used to add scent in lotions, soaps, deodorant, and creams.  It has a rich, vanilla-like aroma, making it an affordable substitute in natural perfumery when a sweet vanilla note is desired.

Peru Balsam is a comforting oil that can help soothe nervous tension and stress.  If used in a vapourizer Balsam of Peru oil has soothing and relaxing properties that can aid in calming tensed minds and bodies. It is advisable for people who are often stressed and anxious. It is an effective expectorant which can be helpful for respiratory problems such as coughs, colds, sore throats and bronchitis. It also helps to stimulate the heart and increase circulation and blood pressure. 

Blends well with:
Patchouli, Petitgrain, Rose, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang.