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Arnica Oil

Arnica Oil
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Arnica Healing oil is an effective treatment for physical trauma, sprains, bruising and other injuries.

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Arnica Oil

Arnica Healing oil (Arnica montana) is recommended for bruises, insect bites, muscle & rheumatic pains, sprains, pulled muscles, wound healing.
Arnica infused oil accelerates the healing of soft tissue injuries and trauma (sprained or strained muscles & tendons) as well as bad blows to tissue that would normally cause bruising). It not only fosters healing/limits bruising, but quickly reduces pain by calming inflammation.
It is said to decrease pain and discoloration from bruising. sprains and other musculo-skeletal injuries. If used directly after a strenuous workout, arnica oil can help reduce swelling, muscle stiffness and pain.  

May be used as a massage oil. Do not apply to broken skin or skin ulcers! or use during pregnancy.

A healing balm can be made by mixing 1 part melted beeswax to 3 parts infused Arnica oil.