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African Soap. Indian Hemp with Neem Oil & Vetiver

African Soap. Indian Hemp with Neem Oil & Vetiver
This wonderfully exotic smelling African soap is made with some of the most healing and nourishing oils and nutrients nature has provided.
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African Soap. Indian Hemp with Neem Oil & Vetiver

Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver Bar Soap contains anti-inflammatory, healing, and balancing properties with neem oil. For centuries global healers have applied hemp roots to the skin for inflammation. Cultivated in China as early as 4000 BC, Hemp has a long history of use for food, fuel, fiber, medicine and skincare. The "oil of tranquility," Vetiver, native to Asia, is used in tropical communities to create calming, soothing remedies. Neem oil forms the foundation of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian practice of natural healing. Documented for 4,000 years in Sanskrit, Neem Oil's wide spectrum of medicinal properties has earned it the title "village pharmacy." 

Essential fatty acids and potent emollients balance naturally antiseptic and antibacterial Neem oil in this healing Hemp & Shea Butter soap. Finely crushed Hemp Seed and Vetiver gently polish and cleanse rough, dry, dull skin. leaving it smooth and soft. 

Key Ingredients: Shea Butter, Hemp Seed Oil, Neem Oil, Vetiver,Vitamin B5 

Protects, heals, rejuvenates and balances skin; relaxing and comforting to the skin 

Usage: all skin types, problem skin. 

Natural Aroma: herbal, exotic floral. 

These African soaps help to heal different kinds of skin ailments and complications while nourishing and moisturizing at the same time. They are designed to target and heal the conditions at the root of skin ailments both through knowledge of natural ingredients and natural fragrance formulations, that deliver aromatic healing benefits to: 
Acne Prone Skin 
Combination Skin 
Delicate Skin 
Dry Skin 
Normal Skin 
Oily Skin 
Problem Skin 
Sensitive Skin